February 2, 2009

This past weekend (1/30) I traveled to Portugal with friends. We flew into Lisboa and stayed at Hotel Veneza. Lisboa is a beautiful city, despite the rain that persisted all weekend. When we got there on Friday morning we immediately went to the Castle. There we took pictures and walked around until we were drenched. Saturday the sky was clear for the beginning of the day which gave us the opportunity to walk around and sight see. We started out by taking the lift to see the city at a higher glance. After that we walked around, went into shops, and ate a fantastic lunch. Saturday night we went to the docks for dinner and dining. It looked like it would be a fun place to walk around and navigate, but the rain was teaming and we were only able to go to one restaurant. Sunday we chose the aquarium and cable car ride. The aquarium is the second largest in the world and was a great experience. Before the aquarium we took a cable car ride that overlooked the water. The ride was very relaxing and showed us a beautiful view of Portugal. So although we got stuck in rain all weekend, we found a way to make the best of it.


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