Las Ramblas

February 4, 2009

If you have plans to be in Barcelona, you must have plans to visit Las Ramblas. Las Ramblas is full of street theaters, cafes, and market stalls. Although the downside to Las Ramblas would its notorious reputation for pickpocketers and the tendency for it to get sketchy at night. During the day you can walk around the fresh markets, go to Gothic Quarter, or just meaninglessly explore. Hot spots that I visited on Las Ramblas are Wax Museum, Erotica Museum, (be prepared to see some interesting toys), Christopher Columbus monument and Modernist Boqueria Market. The market is great for picking up a bag of candy or bringing home dinner to cook! The museums are interesting and definitely fun to see, everyone will get a kick out of them. The best part about Las Ramblas is that once you’ve spent an hour or so exploring, you can move on to any other part of the town. Las Ramblas is in a central spot of Barcelona, allowing its visitors to see more than is possible to take in.Las Ramblas




  1. god job Cortney!
    Next day we put the name of the blog on your Header!

  2. […] Rambla is full of street theaters, cafes, and market stalls. You can walk on La Rambla, visit the Gothic Quarter which is very close by, watch the excitement on the streets, and visit […]

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