Rome AND Florence

February 15, 2009

This past weekend, I visited Rome, and took the train to Florence. Rome is a beautiful city with endless things to see. Rome is a huge city and overwhelming with all that is has to offer. We took an early flight into Rome and headed straight for the Vatican. Once arriving there, we took the tour around. We devoted our entire morning to this site because it was so big. The Vatican was beautiful and enlightening. At the end, was the best part of it, when we walked through the Sistine Chapel. The Sistine Chapel, created by the infamous Michelangelo was unlike anything I have ever seen. It was the most beautiful work of art I have ever gotten to see. After spending the morning at the Vatican, we ate lunch at an authentic Italian restaurant, and walked around to site see. We first went to the Coliseum where we were able to walk and also see The Forum which was right next to it and the ruins, then the statue of Marcus Aurelius, and Plaza Venezia. We finished with the Spanish steps which were awesome, and hard to finish walking up! Around the Spanish Steps there was good shopping, and good places to pick up Gelato and Pizza while walking around the town. The next day we went to the Trevi Fountain, where you of course have to make your wish and then saw The Pantheon. Before we took the train to Florence we ate at L’Ensalada Ricca which I would highly recommend if you enjoy a large, fresh salad!

Florence is a beautiful small city. While visiting, we only went to The Duomo, saw The David, another one of Michelangelo’s most recognizable pieces, the first Jewish ghetto, and the Ponte Vecchio. The Duomo is in the central part of Florence and one of the biggest Cathedrals I have ever seen. While there, we walked around to all the markets and nice shops. Florence has incredible shopping for trinkets and high end fashion. At night we ate at two of the best restaurants in Florence. We went to Acqua Al 2 and La Giostra. Both were two of the most exquisite restaurants I have ever been to in my life, not only were the food remarkable but the atmosphere was ideal. Florence is a quaint city that I think everyone must take a trip to!


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