Citizen Journalism

February 17, 2009

Citizen journalism is a very controversial term. I believe that in order to be a journalist one must be interested in what they write and able to provide accurate and intriguing information for its readers. However, journalism is not for everyone. You must need to know facts, details, and have insight and knowledge in the area of journalism in order to provide sufficient outcomes. Citizen Journalism is beneficial because it is basically a free lance writer. Citizen Journalists are able to write about whatever they please with little regulations. This is beneficial to other journalists as well because it allows them to receive information from other sources. For example, The Drudge Report broke the Monica Lewinsky story proving that someone who is not completely in the loop or working on a story for a high-end journalism corporation definitely has the potential to produce big things. Established journalists and media companies once fulfilled the job of producing information to the public and producing it in a timely fashion now. Now days, anyone can record a simple observance or just write about their feelings and it could be considered ‘work of a journalist.’ One key concept that I have noticed regarding citizen journalism is that mainstream reporters do not get the acknowledgement on the subject that is written about. Citizen journalism is a helpful tool for retrieving information because it allows individuals to gain knowledge quickly and find out what is going on locally and globally.


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