Antoni Gaudi

February 25, 2009

Gaudi's WorkAntoni Gaudi was born in 1852. In 1868, Gaudi moved to Barcelona, Spain to pursue work in architecture. Gaudi went to school at the Escola Técnica Superior d´Arquitectura in Barcelona from 1873 to 1877. When Gaudi received his title, Elies Rogent declared, “Qui sap si hem donat el diploma a un boig o a un geni: el temps ens ho dirà” (“Who knows if we have given this diploma to a nut or to a genius. Time will tell.”) In school, Gaudi was an average student who produced prestigous ´trial drawings and projects.´ Nobody knew what would come of Antoni Gaudi and he impressed everyone who has ever laid eyes on his work.

At the turn on the century, when Barcelona began to flourish, so did Gaudi and his works. Although Gaudi had outstanding achievements, he created more than just his great works of art. Gaudi’s major works would be considered Casa Vicens, Palau Güell, College of the Teresianas, Crypt of the Church of Colónia Güell, Casa Calvet, Casa Batlló, Casa Milá, Park Güell, and Sagrada Família. Gaudi´s designs were almost always Modernisme or Art Nouveau.

As far as viewing Gaudi´s works, they are incredible. Each architectural work is its own masterpiece. I have seen a few of them several times, and each time, you find something different and see more detail. My favorites would definitely be Park Güell and Temple Sagrada Familia. They are both beautiful and different. The architecture of the temple and park are incredible. Sagrada Familia is an overwhelming experience where you just want to take in all that it has to offer. When I visited the Park, I felt tranquil and relaxed. There were little trinket type items to buy, and places to grab a snack or drink. You could sit anywhere or walk through the park and see something beautiful from every angle. Throughout Barcelona, is where most of Gaudi´s works are, you can even take a ´Gaudi Tour.´ A Gaudi Tour consists of La Padrera, Casa Batlló, Sagrada Familia, and Park Güell. This tour runs from Monday to Sunday and lasts around four hours.


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