March 1, 2009

AmsterdamThis past weekend I traveled to Amsterdam, Netherlands with my friends. Amsterdam is a very liberal city with of course, the legalization of marijuana. Amsterdam was one of my most interesting trips thus far because of these reasons. We stayed at the Marriot Hotel, a very good choice because it was in a central location letting us access most things we wanted to see very easily. It was incredible to walk down the street and know that if you walked into a coffee shop, you had the option to smoke marijuana or not. The coffee shops were very popular in the heart of the city of Amsterdam by all the main attractions. Besides smoking pot, there is a lot to do and see in Amsterdam…

Friday morning my friends and I went to the Anne Frank House. This was the house where she hid out during the Holocaust, when Jews were inferior and being sent to concentration camps. Throughout the house you could walk through, read information, and see short videos. This was a very informative experience and really reaches out to you.

On Friday we also visited the Heineken Museum. This museum was fun and interesting. You got to walk around, and take a mini ride. We got to learn and see how beer is made. Not only did we get to taste it before it was brewed, but we got to have a glass after, complimentary with buying a ticket to the museum! This was definitely one of the more fun museums I have experienced.

Throughout the day we picked up quick bites to eat, but what’s Amsterdam without eating at its famous Pancake Shop! We went here and ate pancakes which were more like crepes but equally delicious and omelets. The food in Amsterdam was very tasty and they offered an enormous selection.

On Saturday we went to the Van Gogh museum. The Van Gogh museum was amazing. It had tons of extraordinary artwork. My favorite in the museum was Starry Night, the ways the colors make the sky seem moving was very appealing, although all of his paintings were entertaining to look at and examine.

At night we did a few things. Each night we went to dinner. On Friday night we went to the Red Light District. This was an interesting experience because none of us have ever seen anything like this. Prostitution is legal in Amsterdam and everything that goes along with it. As we walked up and down the blocks we pretty much saw anything and everything! Saturday night we saw the comedy show Boom Chicago! We didn’t enjoy it too much but depending on your humor, you will enjoy it or not.

Amsterdam was a very fun and unlike any other trip I have ever taken. Beware of the bikers, they never stop for you and try taking the tram, we did. The tram runs in the middle of the street, something I’ve never seen before and is very efficient. I definitely recommend making a point to travel there once in your life, it’s undeniably an experience!


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