Social Networking and Microblogging…

March 3, 2009

In today’s society everything is just ‘a click’ a way, including accessing almost anyone in the worlds webpage. This is done through social networking websites, some of the most popular being facebook, myspace, and twitter. These websites begin with adolescents and have now spread to everyone in the world using them. They are beneficial for making friends, staying in touch with old friends, and learning new things about people. The downside to these websites is that you have as much knowledge about a person as they want to give you. Someone who puts up inappropriate pictures may later discover that they can be used against them when applying for a job or a specific program. Anyone can create a page on these websites, all you need is a username. On these websites you can post a profile picture, background information, your likes/dislikes, pictures, momentarily what you are doing, etc. Twitter is a very interesting website because you can post everything you do throughout the day at that moment for people to see. In this video on Social Networking, it talks about how using online networking websites, enhances your chance to have more opportunities. On twitter, your friends could follow you throughout the day and see what you are up to and what lifestyle updates you are making. This website is also used by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post among many other newspapers. They use twitter to inform the people of minute to minute details of what is going on in the world. These websites are all informative and fun, but you have to be careful of others intentions when you accept friends!


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