Barcelona Bars…

March 15, 2009



Barcelona is definitely known for its nightlife. Whether it be going to a bar, a club, or a hole in the wall place that you’re not sure how to define, there is always something to do. Barcelona has hundred of bars throughout the city that are fun to just hang out at, and it has its most famous “you have to go here if you’re in Barcelona” bars. You can easily walk into any bar on the street and you’ll still encounter a good time or you can try some of the well-known ones. Some of the bars that I have been to and loved are George Payne, Dow Jones, Pippermints, and Chupitos. These bars are a very fun place to start out your night, or just to hang out with friends. George Payne Irish bar is definitely a fun spot to meet up with friends or to meet new people. It has good drinks, tables to order food at, and the best, karaoke. Dow Jones is a fun bar because it has a unique “stock exchange” pricing system. Every half hour the prices change between 30-50 percent so be careful what you order! Pippermints is a good time for many reasons. It’s a fun place to get drinks and watch a game with friends, or to order a huge drink to share with everybody and let the good times roll. Chupitos which means shots in Spanish is a fun bar with over five hundred shots to offer and very exclusive ones at that! Another fun bar I have gone to is Ice Bar. I loved the atmosphere, although a little cold! This is a bar that I would tell people to go to once. I had a great experience and loved seeing a bar made out of ice because of the concept and who wouldn’t! So when planning your nights in Barcelona, be sure to hit up the bars for some real entertainment!


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