Vamos a la playa…

March 17, 2009

barcelona-003This past weekend, we experienced beautiful weather in Barcelona. As a result, the ports and beaches were swarmed with tourists, families, and people just trying to enjoy the day. I had many friends visiting me this weekend and knew it was a perfect day to have lunch on the water. We went to el Bestial on the port for lunch and just enjoyed the fresh air and the view. After that we walked along the beach and then the port. As you approach the Olympic port, a giant bronze whale is positioned. This area of Barcelona is very modern and beautiful. There are superb restaurants and fun bars and clubs to check out. Later on we walked near Barceloneta. This is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and a beautiful beach. It’s very fun to walk in this region and see all the excitement that goes on around here when the sun comes out! Around here there are great sea food restaurants and places where you can eat the catch of the day! If you walk all the way along the Barceloneta beach, you reach Icaria beach, which is just as beautiful yet less crowded if you are looking to escape for the day. This area of Barcelona is definitely one of the most attractive and pleasant to just kick back and relax and enjoy the view!


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  1. […] in total has seven beaches. Sant Sebastià and Barceloneta beaches are the largest, oldest and the most visited beaches in […]

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