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Podcasts II

April 22, 2009

There are many ways to find and upload Podcasts. Podcast alley is an easy way to find Podcasts. The uniqueness of a Podcast is that you can download it audio file and listen to it on whatever device you choose, you can syndicate on whichever program you decide, and you can stream it from any website. You can also use Podcasts to try and sell yourself to a TV show. For example, some Podcasts are becoming so popular that famous people are appearing on them and helping newcomers get their name out and having a chance at making it big.The only money made on Podcasts is that of which is used for advertisements between scenes. Podcasts are also useful for classes and giving lessons. You can learn through a Podcast anything from a new language to how to cook dinner and that best part is that its right at your fingertips to decide what you want to be taught! Below is an example of a podcast on how to keep your skin from being dry and keeping it healthy…

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April 15, 2009

PodcastA podcast can be defined as “a series of digital media files, usually digital audio or video, which is made available for download via web syndication.” Podcasts weren’t created overnight. There were many variations of podcasts, and many creations of “almost” podcasts. Ben Hammersley analyzed some examples of audio content distributed about different topics through many weblogs. Christopher Lydon, a journalist, through his weblog distributed recorded interviews about blogging and politics. Audio corporations used to sell audio-books through the internet which evolved because of the internet into online hit TV shows, radio stations, and New York Times and Wall Street Journals. Podcasts were successful because you had the information you wanted when you want it, where you want it, and as long as you want it. The most popular aggregators for podcasting are iTunes, miro and juice. Dave Winer, a programmer and blogger and Adam Curry, an ex-presenter on MTV tried something new with the podcast. They created which is an optional sub-element of Adam Curry was the first to figure out how to get audio files automatic to an MP3 device (iPod or other device too). This discovery made uploading videos onto podcasts so easy that anyone can do it and it is very easy. There are many benefits to podcasting. Podcasting is portable, “walk away” content that adapts to our everyday lives. We can view our favorite television shows, breaking news, or just something we find interesting and upload it to our MP3 player and watch it at our leisure. Another great thing about podcasts is that anyone can create one. In Spain in September 2004, Gelado produced the first podcast in Spanish called “comunicando” which was fifty four seconds in length.



March 31, 2009

Periodico CatalunyaFor class, we visited the news room of El Periódico. El Periódico is a successful newspaper that is commonly read in Spain. El Periódico is different from American newspapers because it possesses many unique characteristics.

El Periódico is a morning daily newspaper that is owned by Grupo Zeta that started around thirty years ago. The uniqueness of El Periódico is that it is published in two languages. The Spanish edition which is the red nameplate and the Catalan edition which is the blue nameplate, both editions combined sell more than 150,000 copies each day. El Periódico uses many graphics and is also a serious newspaper. El Periódico creates every page in color and makes uses many charts and pictures. El Periódico uses unique covers for its newspaper. For example, when President Obama was elected, the cover was Martin Luther King Jr. and it said “It’s not a dream.” El Periódico is a well thought out newspaper that is the third most popularly read newspaper in Spain.

The New York Times was founded in 1851 in New York City and is an American daily newspaper. The New York Times is the largest metropolitan newspaper in the U.S. and is nicknamed ´The Gray Lady¨ after its demure appearance and style. The New York Times is considered a national newspaper of record. The New York Times is a conservative, radical newspaper and has been family owned since 1896. The New York Times is owned by the New York Times Company which is also the publishers of the Boston Globe, the International Herald Tribune, and sixteen other newspapers. The motto of the NY Times is “All the News That’s Fit to Print.” The NY Times is organized into eight sections: News, Opinions, Business, Arts, Science, Sports, Style, and Features. The NY Times is a very old and successful newspaper, it has won 98 Pulitzer Prizes and it one of the most popularly visited news website.


Marketing, Advertising and Business 2.0

March 23, 2009

person20at20computer20could20be20teacherIf you have a business should you have a blog? Well nowadays blogs are one of the most popular things on the internet. A Corporative Blog is a blog created by an organization to reach a specific objective, people write as an official or semi-official worker or partner of the enterprise. The author is absolutely connected with the organization and everyone can notice it. The blog is then used to communicate, advertise new products and information, and to promote their business. The blog is maintained through the director of the business, the communication department, or you can hire a specialist to create the blog for your business. Advertising through a blog is much less expensive than other forms of advertising. Experts say ‘that when two percent of the audience is reached through advertising, the campaign could be considered effective. Millions of dollars are spent each year with the incentive to reach its audience, but through a blog you can talk to the people in a more personal way and for a lot less money. Once you have a corporate blog there are many profits that come along with it such as how cheap it is, its proximity, feedback you can get, you can manage your calamities, learn about your customers and competitors, update it when you want, network, and make improvements at your leisure.

To Succeed with a Corporate Blog:

1.      Have your own server and URL

2.      Give content under creative commons license

3.      Use pictures in every post and have links home from every point or section

4.       Divide your information and put it in order by section

5.       Define objectives

Attached is a list of ten corporate blogs that are worth taking a look at, they are well developed and interesting to read about.

Before you create a corporate blog you should ask yourself these questions… Does your corporation need a blog? Once your blog is created will you be able to regularly maintain it?

There are many types of viral marketing. Sending it through SMS, which is a very easy way to reach a large amount of people, viral (incentivized) where you get money or some type of compensation if you send the message to someone else, and them to someone else, masked marketing where you send mysterious information which doesn’t seem to be an advertising campaign and you spark peoples interests. There is rumor marketing where we read incredible things such as a breaking story about an actor or actress that just happens to occur two or three days before their new film is presented, social database where your online service offers a database so that clients can add contacts, Firefox which was created and downloaded twenty five million times in ninety nine days, and invitations which is how Gmail was created and made so popular. Seth Godin, an expert and writer in viral marketing wrote the book “Permission Marketing,” Godin gave out two million copies of his books for free and weeks later he made his book with a hard cover for people to buy and it went into the top five in Amazon. Then again, there is always that evangelist customer, the kind of costumer who falls in love with a product or enterprise and tries to share it with other people.

Five Main Types of Blogs…

1.      Brand blogs: introduce new brands or insist on existing ones

2.      Product/Service blog: test product or service (gain feedback with customers)

3.      Employees blog: Corporate blogs (boss, employer)

4.      Blogs for special happenings: prepare and talk about special happenings

5.      Sector blogs: promote specific blog or specific market


Politics 2.0

March 16, 2009

american_flag_2Politics 2.0 is a relatively new concept. It was deeply used by Barak Obama in the 2008 presidential campaign in the United States. What is special about micro targeting on the web is that it allowed Obama to identify his electors individually. What helped Obama was that he realized that every single person is a universe; each voter has their own particular interests and worries. The future of politics has to be addressed to individuals, maybe specific groups, but not the whole society. Obama branched out using Politics 2.0 as his “friend” Obama used other forums such as facebook which he joined in February 2004 and has contracted nearly six million friends it is also a key tool because ¨It strengthens his connection with his constituents and their connection with the causes they care about´´, my space, twitter which he never missed responding to one question, youtube, online advertisements, sms/call centers where voters were able to download wall papers, ringtones, etc., and was the first president to have a blog. These tools allowed Obama to reach the y-generation. The y-generation was an important group for Obama to get through to because they are considered the most skeptical when it comes to believing a campaign. Another website Obama used was throughout this website, its users could read about Barak Obama, create events, create fundraisers, create a blog to express your feelings, read Obama´s blog, connect to Facebook, reach out to other voters, and create their own profile that can be viewed. Although the web alone is a useful tool, Obama was very precise with his details, had a well designed web page and regularly updated his websites.

 Barak Obama spread hope. With two wars going on and a severe economic crisis, Obama gave people more than just a speech. He used the internet, something most people are addicted to these days and spread his campaign to show the people that he is just like them. He loves his blackberry, blogging, twitting, etc. This let the people know that he was there to be there president and help the people not just win over a campaign. Once elected, Obama has kept up with the use of internet as a president. “Obama campaigned by the internet and now is governing by the internet” Obama is the first president to have a blog in the Whitehouse. is a 2.0 website used by Obama. There is an official bog on this website and each Saturday Obama uploads a new speech. People can watch this video, read the blogs and comment. This is something that no one has seen before. It keeps the people connected with the president. We can now see deeper into the White House than ever before and it gives people a comfort in knowing that they have access to this.

Obama successfully won the presidential campaign in more than one way. Most of all, he excelled in the online campaign. Obama´s use of web 2.0 helped him to raise money from people throughout the United States which helped him immensely in the long run. The way Obama ran his campaign changed the way politicians organize supporters, advertise to voters, defend against attacks and communicate with constituents. The web was used to collect money, spread messages, and create a net of activists involved in the campaign. Another key to Politics 2.0 was to inform. Obama´s blog was updated more than ten times a day and throughout the campaign, more than two thousand youtube videos both informative and promotional were uploaded. Obama connected people with one another. Obama collected over thirteen million e-mail addresses and postal codes and sent them Google maps so that they could locate other Obama followers. Obama asked people to work with him which allowed the voters to feel involved. Once registered at users could create events promoting Barak Obama. Voters were given pins, t-shirts, posters, etc. and given a place and time to have an event. One extremely important thing Obama did was have testers. He constantly had people testing out all the online things he did so that he knew if they were effective and helping his campaign.


Social Networking and Microblogging…

March 3, 2009

In today’s society everything is just ‘a click’ a way, including accessing almost anyone in the worlds webpage. This is done through social networking websites, some of the most popular being facebook, myspace, and twitter. These websites begin with adolescents and have now spread to everyone in the world using them. They are beneficial for making friends, staying in touch with old friends, and learning new things about people. The downside to these websites is that you have as much knowledge about a person as they want to give you. Someone who puts up inappropriate pictures may later discover that they can be used against them when applying for a job or a specific program. Anyone can create a page on these websites, all you need is a username. On these websites you can post a profile picture, background information, your likes/dislikes, pictures, momentarily what you are doing, etc. Twitter is a very interesting website because you can post everything you do throughout the day at that moment for people to see. In this video on Social Networking, it talks about how using online networking websites, enhances your chance to have more opportunities. On twitter, your friends could follow you throughout the day and see what you are up to and what lifestyle updates you are making. This website is also used by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post among many other newspapers. They use twitter to inform the people of minute to minute details of what is going on in the world. These websites are all informative and fun, but you have to be careful of others intentions when you accept friends!


Digital Storytelling

February 25, 2009

Digital storytelling is defined as ´Digital Storytelling is the modern expression of the ancient art of storytelling. Digital stories derive their power by weaving images, music, narrative and voice together, thereby giving deep dimension and vivid color to characters, situations, experiences, and insights. This is an interesting concept because it allows you to use a combination of texts, pictures, video clips, audio devices, graphics, and interactivity on your website. Another great thing about multimedia stories is that it is presented in a nonlinear format where the information presented is complimentary instead of outmoded. Digital storytelling is an easier ways for individuals to learn about things going on and feedback can be provided. I find that these types of stories are more interesting and easier to read and keep your attention for longer with whatever I am reading about. These stories are very appealing because cameras, digital recorders, clips, pictures, and audio clips are all used to create the story. Another way in which the story is created, is when the editor/producer will analyze a story in a multimedia format and assign work to different professionals such as photographer for pictures, writer for the background information of the story, etc. the editor/producer has a story in his head and decides how he wants to assemble it instead of leaving it up to the reporter.


Tips to prepare a good report:

  1. Have the storyboard gather as much information on the topic as possible
  2. Need documents and interviews
  3. Once at the field; collect as many photos, videos, audio clips, maps, etc.