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Paris, France

March 24, 2009

paris2This past weekend I travelled to Paris, France with my friends. We arrived in Paris late Thursday night famished looking for somewhere to eat. We ate at a local place by our hotel called Hippopotamus. This restaurant was casual and good. We were expectant that we would be viewed as Americans and immediately discriminated against, but it wasn’t as bad as we thought. We went back to the hotel and rested up for a full day of site seeing. On Friday we visited the Eiffel Tower and climbed it. You can take the elevator up and walk up it; the view from the top is incredibly beautiful. After this excursion we headed towards the Musee du Louvre. There we saw le Louvre from the inside and outside and visited the Mona Lisa which is such an exceptional work of art. We also saw the Venus de Milo which is a unique piece sculpture with an interesting story behind it. We walked through the gardens and shopped along the Champ d’elyse. After hours of shopping we ended our day at the Arc d’triumpf which is situated in the middle of a huge traffic circle and very pleasant to look at. That night we went to a small French restaurant which we enjoyed very much. On Saturday we went to the Jewish Quarter in the morning which was very cultural. It was very nice to see how this little section of town could be so detached from the center of the city. You must try the falafel in the Jewish Quarter and the callah! We walked around here, there were cute vintage stores and trendy boutiques that we shopped in and adored! We ate lunch at Breakfast in America which was created by a man from Connecticut and the food really hit the spot. After this we visited the Cathedral of Notre Dame and Montmartre. Both were striking and Montmartre was fun to just sit and listen to people play music and relax in the sun. Sunday we had an early flight out and didn’t make it to the Palace of Versailles although I have heard for several people that if you have the time to definitely make the trip there because it’s worth seeing!