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April 15, 2009

PodcastA podcast can be defined as “a series of digital media files, usually digital audio or video, which is made available for download via web syndication.” Podcasts weren’t created overnight. There were many variations of podcasts, and many creations of “almost” podcasts. Ben Hammersley analyzed some examples of audio content distributed about different topics through many weblogs. Christopher Lydon, a journalist, through his weblog distributed recorded interviews about blogging and politics. Audio corporations used to sell audio-books through the internet which evolved because of the internet into online hit TV shows, radio stations, and New York Times and Wall Street Journals. Podcasts were successful because you had the information you wanted when you want it, where you want it, and as long as you want it. The most popular aggregators for podcasting are iTunes, miro and juice. Dave Winer, a programmer and blogger and Adam Curry, an ex-presenter on MTV tried something new with the podcast. They created which is an optional sub-element of Adam Curry was the first to figure out how to get audio files automatic to an MP3 device (iPod or other device too). This discovery made uploading videos onto podcasts so easy that anyone can do it and it is very easy. There are many benefits to podcasting. Podcasting is portable, “walk away” content that adapts to our everyday lives. We can view our favorite television shows, breaking news, or just something we find interesting and upload it to our MP3 player and watch it at our leisure. Another great thing about podcasts is that anyone can create one. In Spain in September 2004, Gelado produced the first podcast in Spanish called “comunicando” which was fifty four seconds in length.