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Podcasts II

April 22, 2009

There are many ways to find and upload Podcasts. Podcast alley is an easy way to find Podcasts. The uniqueness of a Podcast is that you can download it audio file and listen to it on whatever device you choose, you can syndicate on whichever program you decide, and you can stream it from any website. You can also use Podcasts to try and sell yourself to a TV show. For example, some Podcasts are becoming so popular that famous people are appearing on them and helping newcomers get their name out and having a chance at making it big.The only money made on Podcasts is that of which is used for advertisements between scenes. Podcasts are also useful for classes and giving lessons. You can learn through a Podcast anything from a new language to how to cook dinner and that best part is that its right at your fingertips to decide what you want to be taught! Below is an example of a podcast on how to keep your skin from being dry and keeping it healthy…

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