Marketing, Advertising and Business 2.0

March 23, 2009

person20at20computer20could20be20teacherIf you have a business should you have a blog? Well nowadays blogs are one of the most popular things on the internet. A Corporative Blog is a blog created by an organization to reach a specific objective, people write as an official or semi-official worker or partner of the enterprise. The author is absolutely connected with the organization and everyone can notice it. The blog is then used to communicate, advertise new products and information, and to promote their business. The blog is maintained through the director of the business, the communication department, or you can hire a specialist to create the blog for your business. Advertising through a blog is much less expensive than other forms of advertising. Experts say ‘that when two percent of the audience is reached through advertising, the campaign could be considered effective. Millions of dollars are spent each year with the incentive to reach its audience, but through a blog you can talk to the people in a more personal way and for a lot less money. Once you have a corporate blog there are many profits that come along with it such as how cheap it is, its proximity, feedback you can get, you can manage your calamities, learn about your customers and competitors, update it when you want, network, and make improvements at your leisure.

To Succeed with a Corporate Blog:

1.      Have your own server and URL

2.      Give content under creative commons license

3.      Use pictures in every post and have links home from every point or section

4.       Divide your information and put it in order by section

5.       Define objectives

Attached is a list of ten corporate blogs that are worth taking a look at, they are well developed and interesting to read about.

Before you create a corporate blog you should ask yourself these questions… Does your corporation need a blog? Once your blog is created will you be able to regularly maintain it?

There are many types of viral marketing. Sending it through SMS, which is a very easy way to reach a large amount of people, viral (incentivized) where you get money or some type of compensation if you send the message to someone else, and them to someone else, masked marketing where you send mysterious information which doesn’t seem to be an advertising campaign and you spark peoples interests. There is rumor marketing where we read incredible things such as a breaking story about an actor or actress that just happens to occur two or three days before their new film is presented, social database where your online service offers a database so that clients can add contacts, Firefox which was created and downloaded twenty five million times in ninety nine days, and invitations which is how Gmail was created and made so popular. Seth Godin, an expert and writer in viral marketing wrote the book “Permission Marketing,” Godin gave out two million copies of his books for free and weeks later he made his book with a hard cover for people to buy and it went into the top five in Amazon. Then again, there is always that evangelist customer, the kind of costumer who falls in love with a product or enterprise and tries to share it with other people.

Five Main Types of Blogs…

1.      Brand blogs: introduce new brands or insist on existing ones

2.      Product/Service blog: test product or service (gain feedback with customers)

3.      Employees blog: Corporate blogs (boss, employer)

4.      Blogs for special happenings: prepare and talk about special happenings

5.      Sector blogs: promote specific blog or specific market


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